Do You Make Any Of These Top 5 Job Interview Mistakes?

When applying for a job, your make task is to impress the job interviews that you are the most suitable candidature for this position. To do that, it is necessary to observe several tricky rules.

People are an asset and probably your most important asset. Remember however that not every single person is terrifically productive. Invest in the best of the best and leverage their skill and competence. You can really restrict your company’s progress if you try to do everything yourself.

When a human resource professional asks why you are leaving, be upbeat and positive: “for a better opportunity.” Talk about how much you loved the company and your job. You never know where your comments will turn up, mangled and misinterpreted.

Job loss is a complicated situation. It’s accompanied by financial fears, fear of not finding a job, fear of finding a worse job, fear of being new and starting over. However, it can also be a time of discovery – spending time with family, working out and getting yourself in good physical shape, finding a new career that you love. View this as an opportunity and take actions to address the things that are within your control.

Blogs are slightly different in that you can include everything you might include in a News page, but you can also add ‘How To’ content or ‘Advice’. For example if your site is about your restaurant, you might blog about events, special offers (news) or you may have an article on ‘How to choose the best wine’. If used properly, using Blogs can also establish you as an ‘Expert’ in your field. If you sell Health Products for example, you can post useful blogs on the subject. This applies in ANY industry, just use your imagination.

I actually have two bachelor’s degrees. I have a B.S. in History from the United States Naval Academy and a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in college hr from the University of Baltimore. I received my Naval Academy degree in 2001 and my business degree in 2007.

While looking for a good PR firm you need to investigate certain aspects of the firms. To start with, look in for the name it holds in the PR world. The experience of the company and the expertise of the professionals working in the company are equally important. Next, look at the clients the company is dealing with. Clientage of the company is equally important. Attend presentations by the PR firms. They help you get a brief idea about the stature of the company.

Send indirect thank you letters. You should thank everyone who gave you a lead, advice, any ounce of help. Let them know exactly what happened as a result of their gift to you. Let them know what happened at the end of your search. Even if they didn’t give you the lead that led to your ultimate job, they helped move you forward and therefore deserve to hear from you.

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