Teens And Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

It’s summertime, the time of year when basketball fans sit back and play armchair GM. So far, there has been a little bit to talk about with the relocation of Baron Davis, Elton Brand, and Corey Maggette. There is still some speculation left to discuss with the futures of Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and Emeka Okafur still in doubt. And, of course, for Knick fans there is the epic Stephon Marbury dilemma.

In winter, especially in north India, the dry air pulls moisture from your skin at a rate you wouldn’t believe. Use plenty of moisturizer. If you are wearing sandals, put Vaseline on your feet or they will dry and crack.

According to the New York Daily News, a building manager where Bynes lives saw the arrest and said that the police didn’t do anything that looked like sexual harassment. If this claim is false, this is one horrible thing to accuse this police officer of doing. This is the reputation of one of New York’s finest that Bynes is now playing with. This girl is on a spiral downward and someone somewhere needs to step in and get her help.

On June 27, the Celtics traded away future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Rumors had been swirling about Garnett being traded for a while, but the inclusion of Pierce in the deal came as a punch to the gut. It brought back of memories to me of the Red Sox losing Fred Lynn and Carlton Fisk in the early 1980’s.

There are many cases that happen and one person may think that it is alright but it isn’t. You could have a boss tell someone something and it could be offensive to the person and not to the boss. Then when the worker says something, the worker is the target of a campaign to get that worker out of the business. This is the definition of a hostile environment according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This should not happen. You can see the contempt that most people see in sexual harassment by viewing the NCIS episode called “Driven” when they make fun of sexual harassment and it is not funny.

When guys ask me how to meet women, the first thing I tell them is to think of all the situations in their everyday lives when they are surrounded by members of the opposite sex. If they can’t think of very many situations, I tell them to get off their couch and get out there!

The Masters begins tomorrow. For me, there is nothing more enjoyable or watched more religiously than Augusta in April. As I turn on the TV, I almost have to genuflect.

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